Food Additive Gellan Gum 71010

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  • एफओबी किंमत: यूएस $ 0.5 - 9,999 / तुकडा
  • Min.Order प्रमाण: 100 तुकडा / तुकडे
  • पुरवठा योग्यता: 10000 तुकडा / दरमहा तुकडे
  • पोर्ट: शेंझेन
  • परताव्यासाठी अटी एल / सी, डी / अ, ड / पी, टी / तिलकरत्ने
  • Product Name: Gellan Gum
  • Type: Thickener
  • CAS No.: 71010-52-1
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    Product Name:                Gellan डिंक
    Type:                               Thickener
    Appearance:                   White powder
    CAS No.:                        71010-52-1
    EINECS No:                   275-117-5
    Stability:                         Stable
    Shelf Life:                       24 months  
    Place of Origin:              China (Mainland)

    Note: Custom specification manufactures can be provided according to user requirements.



    Gellan gum is the extra-cellular polysaccharide produced by the gram-negative bacteria pseudomonas elodea that is  separated from water lily,and is one of the microbia polysaccharides full of the development prospect in ten recent years. As the emulsifier, suspension agent, thickener, stabilizer, gelling agent, tissue culture medium, filmformer and lubricant,gellan gum has been widely used in over 20 files, such as food, cosmetics, detergent, ceramics, petroleum exploration and coating for chemical industry,  Gellan gum is considered as themost advanced food additive in the world. 



    Due to its good rheological characteristics, gellan gum is a bacterial polysaccharide with great commercial potential for food, pharmaceuticals, and particularly environmental bioremediation.


    Storage Condition    

    Gellan gum should store ventilated, sanitary, cool, dry place, avoid store with toxicant, harmful and caustic material. 


    Package Material

    पीई पिशवी मध्ये 25kgs, outter kraft कागद पिशवी सह अन्न ग्रेड.



    वैशिष्ट्यपूर्ण off-white, odorless, free flowing power पुष्टी
    सामग्री ~ 85 108% 102,70%
    विद्राव्यता Soluble in water to form viscous solution पुष्टी
    कॅल्शियम आयन चाचणी पास पुष्टी
    कणाचा आकार ≥95% 60 पास
    वाळवणे तोटा ≤15.0% 9.31%
    प्रज्वलन तोटा ≤15.0% 8,80%
    पीएच मूल्य 5.5 ~ 7.5 670,00%
    इथेनॉल तेथेच ≤750mg / किलो पुष्टी
    gel शक्ती ≥900g / CM2 1259 / CM2
    संप्रेषण ≥76% 82,60%


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    A1: Sure. We ‘ve got full exportation experience, and no matter where you are, we may arrange the delivery for you, either by sea, by air or by express , depending on your need.

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