Monobasic potassium phosphate( MKP)-NaH2PO4/potassium dihydrogen phosphate from China Manufacturer

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Product Name: Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate

CAS No.: 7778-77-0

Molecular Formula: H2KO4P

Molecular Weight: 136.085541

Melting Point: 252.6 °C(lit.)

Density: 2.338 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)

Function: Humectants

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1. Product Description 

Monopotassium phosphate, MKP, (also potassium dihydrogenphosphate, KDP, or monobasic potassium phosphate), KH2PO4, is a soluble salt of potassium and the dihydrogen phosphate ion which is used as a fertilizer, a food additive and a fungicide. It is a source of phosphorus and potassium. It is also a buffering agent. 

Monopotassium phosphate is produced by the reaction of hot phosphoric acid and potassium hydroxide or extraction of phosphoric acid and potassium hydroxide is the major method of industrial production. The former has high purity and the process is simple. The latter utilizes wet extraction of phosphoric acid with low cost.

2. Certificate of Analysis

Items Specifications Results
Main Content (KH2PO4) ≥98.0 99
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) ≥51.0 52
Potassium Oxide (K2O) 33.8 34
PH Value (3% water solution) 4.3~4.9 4.3~4.9
Water Insoluble ≤0.3 0.01
Moisture  ≤0.5 0.2
Heavy Metals 0.02 0.0005
Cadmium (Cd) - <0.00005
Hg 0.0005 <0.00002
Arsenic (As) ≤0.005 <0.005
Plumbum (Pb) - <0.005
Chromium (Cr) ≤0.05 0.0005

3. Application

1) Industrial grade Monopotassium Phosphate use as a buffer, culture agent; It is also used as a bacterial culture agent to synthesize the flavoring agent, the raw material of potassium phosphate, the culture agent, the fortifier, the leavening agent and the fermentation agent.

2) In Pharmaceutical Field, monopotassium phosphate is normally used in the production of penicillin.

3) In Industry Field, phospate – based industrial materials on water treatment, detergent, flame retardant.

4) In Food Industry, MKP could be used in leavening agent and monosodium glutamate.

5) In agriculture, it is used as high efficient phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer. Potassium dihydrogen phosphate products are widely used in all kinds of cash crops, grain, melon and fruit. Vegetables and almost all kinds of crops. 

4. Package

25Kg, 50Kg, 1000kg bag

5. Storage

Ventilation, dry, clean place, moisture-proof area  

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  • Q1: I’m interested in your products, but now I’m out of China, could you offer your labels to my country?
    A1: Sure. We ‘ve got full exportation experience, and no matter where you are, we may arrange the delivery for you, either by sea, by air or by express , depending on your need.

    Q2 : How can I get the samples ?
    A2 We can provide you a free sample for our existing products, the lead time is around 1-2 days. You need to pay the sample delivery cost, If you need the samples according to your design, the sample cost has to be charged from you. The lead time is around 5 days.

    Q3: Is it possible to custom the labels with my own design?
    A3: Yes, and you just need to send us your drawings or artworks, then you can get you want.

    Q4: How can I release the payment to you?
    A4: We can receive your payment by T/T, ESCROW or Western union which is recommended and we can also receive by L/C, D/P, D/A. OA

    Q5: How do you check all the goods in the production line?
    A5: We have spot inspection and finished product inspection. We check the goods when they go into the next step production procedure


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