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  • FOB Үнэ: US $ 0.5 - 9.999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Тоо ширхэг: 100 Piece / хэсгүүд
  • Хангамж чадвар: 10000 Piece / Сард хэсгүүд
  • Порт: Shenzhen
  • Төлбөрийн нөхцөл: L / C, D / А, D / P, T / T
  • Product Name: ISOMALTOSE
  • Type: Sweeteners
  • CAS No.: 499-40-1
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    Product Name:                               ISOMALTOSE
    Type:                                              Sweeteners
    Appearance:                                   White powder
    CAS No.:                                        499-40-1
    MF:                                                 C12H22O11
    EINECS No.:                                  205-737-3
    Model Number:                               RG499-40-1
    Molecular Weight:                           342.3
    Melting Point:                                 118-120 °C(lit.)
    Place of Origin:                               China (Mainland)


    Isomaltose is a disaccharide similar to maltose, but with a α-(1-6)-linkage instead of the α-(1-4)-linkage.

    It is a reducing sugar. Both of the sugars are glucose and pyranoses. Isomaltose is produced when high maltose syrup is treated with the enzyme transglucosidase (TG) and is one of the major components in the mixture isomaltooligosaccharide. It is a product of the caramelization of glucose.

    This product has low fat ,low sugar and high fiber ,high protein content, for those who love sweets and worry about get fatting, also suitable for people who have high blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood sugar, coronary heart disease, constipation, dental caries and olderly food.


    хүйтэн ба хуурай сайн хаалттай саванд хадгалах, хол чийг, хүчтэй гэрэл / дулааны байлгах.

    тохиромжтой олон хүн

    Suitable to all, especially perfect for people of high blood pressure or hyperlipidemia.


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  • Q1: Би чиний бүтээгдэхүүнийг сонирхож байна, харин одоо би та нар миний оронд таны хаяг санал болгож болох юм, Хятадын гарч байна?
    A1: Sure. We ‘ve got full exportation experience, and no matter where you are, we may arrange the delivery for you, either by sea, by air or by express , depending on your need.

    2-р улирал: Би хэрхэн дээж авч болох вэ?
    A2: We can provide you a free sample for our existing products, the lead time is around 1-2 days. You need to pay the sample delivery cost, If you need the samples according to your design, the sample cost has to be charged from you. The lead time is around 5 days.

    Q3: энэ нь миний өөрийн дизайн хаяг заншил боломжтой юу?
    A3: Yes, and you just need to send us your drawings or artworks, then you can get you want.

    4-р улирал: Би та нарт төлбөрийг яаж суллах вэ?
    A4: We can receive your payment by T/T, ESCROW or Western union which is recommended and we can also receive by L/C, D/P, D/A. OA

    Q5: How do you check all the goods in the production line?
    A5: We have spot inspection and finished product inspection. We check the goods when they go into the next step production procedure

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