L(+)-Ascorbic acid Food Grade

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  • Product Name: L(+)-Ascorbic acid
  • CAS No: 50-81-7
  • Type: Antioxidants
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    Product Name:            L(+)-Ascorbic acid
    Type:                           Nutrient supplements,Pharmaceutical Intermedaites
    CAS No:                      50-81-7
    Appearance:                White crystal powder
    Molecular Weight:       176.12
    MF:                              C6H8O6
    Melting Point:              190-194 °C (dec.)
    Density:                       1,65 g/cm3
    EINECS No:                200-066-2
    Place of Origin:           China (Mainland)



    l-ascorbic acid is white crystal or crystalline powder. Odorless. Sour. Flash point 99. Melting point 187 ~ 192. Browned gradually by light. Dry conditions remained stable in the air, but in solution rapidly degenerate when in the presence of air. Ascorbic acid is stable when PH value of 3.4 ~ 4.5. About 1g of this product soluble in 5ml water and 30ml ethanol.

    Ascorbic acid powder insoluble in chloroform, ethyl ether, non-volatile oil and benzene. Strongly reduced and polyphenol oxidase inhibitory effect, Ascorbic acid added to beer, fruit juice, etc. can be used as antioxidants in food.



    (1) Packaging: 25kg carton drum (32cm*58cm) or 1kg foil bag (10cm*15cm) or by request of clients.
    (2) Shelf Life: 2 years when properly stored.
    (3) Storage: Preserve in tightly sealed, light and oxygen resistant containers.
    (4) Delivery: Prompt delivery after payment confirmed by air courier or by sea.



    (1) l-ascorbic acid is used as nutritional element in feed additives.
    (2) l-ascorbic acid can enhance resistance to infectious diseases.
    (3) l-ascorbic acid Palmitat can prevent formation of nitrous amine from nitrous acid in meat products.
    (4) It has the function of improving dough quality and making baked food expand to its maximum.
    (5) Compensate the Vitamin C losses of beverage ,fruits and vegetables during processing rocedures.


    Technical Parameters

    Inspection Item




    White crystalline powder

    White crystalline powder




    Clarity of solution



    Color of solution






    Loss on Drying



    *Residue on ignition



    Specific rotation

    +20.5°~ +21.5°


    PH(with 2% water solution)



    PH(with 5% water solution)



    Melting range

    About 190℃


    Heavy metals









    *Impurity E















    *Organic volatile impurities (As Methanol)



    *Total Plate Count



    *Yeast & Moulds




    Absent in 1g

    Absent in 1g

    *E. Coli

    Absent in 1g

    Absent in 1g


    Absent in 25g

    Absent in 25g

    *Staph Aureus

    Absent in 25g

    Absent in 25g

    According to BP2016, E300, USP39, FCC 10, EP 8.

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