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  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Port: Shenzhen
  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
  • Product Name: Sodium Hexametaphosphate/SHMP
  • Type: Humectant
  • CAS No.: 10124-56-8
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    Product Name:               Sodium Hexametaphosphate
    Type:                              Humectants
    Appearance:                  White powder
    CAS No.:                       10124-56-8
    Molecular Formula:        6Na.O18P6
    Molecular Weight:          611.77
    Melting Point:                 616℃
    Boiling Point:                 1500℃
    Density:                         2.181
    FEMA:                           3027
    Place of Origin:             China (Mainland)



    Sodium Hexametaphosphate is Transparent colourless glass flake or white granular crystal. Strong moisture, dew can gradually absorb water in the air is sticky glue. With calcium, magnesium and soluble complexes of metal ions can be generated.

    By soda or caustic soda solution with phosphoric acid for neutralization, complete further heated to 250 °c, sodium hexametaphosphate, then heated to 620 °c melting and aggregate cost crystals, quench producer (particle) system.

    Food-grade Sodium Hexametaphosphate is required after the reaction is complete removal of arsenic, heavy metal removal, purification, heating baked into business again.

    Used in the manufacture of water treatment agents, corrosion inhibitors, metal surface treatment agents, cement hardening agent, slurry dispersing agent for copper plate as well as oil drilling, and so on. Food-grade, mainly used as quality improver, chelating agents, fermentation of leavening agent, pH adjusting agent.



    SHMP used mainly as a softener and anticorrosion agent for industrial water, diffusion agent of manufacture paper, bonding agent of blast-furnace refractory, floatation agent for ore-dressing, etc. Food grade Sodium Hexametaphosphate can be used as quality improver in beverage, milk products and can goods etc, as PH adjuster and as metal ion adhesive, It can help to protect color of food, to emulsify fats in meat cans and to keep beer from muddling.



    (1) Food quality improver in food industry, used in canning, juice drinks, dairy products, soy milk. As a Ph regulator, metal chelator, adhesive agent and expansive agent. For beans, canned fruits and vegetables, to stabilise the natural pigment, protect food color; used in canned meat fat emulsification, maintain homogeneous; used in meats can increase the water holding capacity to prevent deterioration by fat in the meat. Add beer, to clarify wine and prevent pollution.

    (2) Sodium Hexametaphosphate used in meat, fish, sausage, ham and improves water retention, increases junction, preventing fat oxidation.

    (3) For fruit drinks, soft drinks, increased juice yield, increased viscosity and inhibit vitamin c decomposition.

    (4) Used ice cream increases expansion capabilities, increase volume, enhanced emulsifying effect prevents Pasty destroyed, improve texture and color.

    (5) Used for dairy products, beverage to prevent gel precipitation.

    (6) Join the beer can to clarify wine and prevent pollution. For beans, canned fruits and vegetables, can stabilize the natural pigment, protect food color. Sodium Hexametaphosphate solution sprayed on the marinated meat, increase corrosion.



    Storage in a clean, cool, dry and ventilated place


    Technical Parameters

    Test Item Standard Result
    Total phosphate(P2O5 ) % ≥ 68.0 69.2
    Non-active phosphate (P2O5 ), % ≤ 7.5 7.2
    Iron(Fe) % ≤ 0.05 0.03
    PH value, 5.8 -6.5 5.9
    Water-insoluble, %≤ 0.05 0.025
    Polymerization degree, 10-22 16
    Heavy metal(Pb) % ≤ 0.001 0.0006
    Arsenic(As) %  ≤ 0.0003 0.0001
    Fluoride(F) % ≤ 0.003 0.003 


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  • Q1: I’m interested in your products, but now I’m out of China, could you offer your labels to my country?
    A1: Sure. We ‘ve got full exportation experience, and no matter where you are, we may arrange the delivery for you, either by sea, by air or by express , depending on your need.

    Q2 : How can I get the samples ?
    A2: We can provide you a free sample for our existing products, the lead time is around 1-2 days. You need to pay the sample delivery cost, If you need the samples according to your design, the sample cost has to be charged from you. The lead time is around 5 days.

    Q3: Is it possible to custom the labels with my own design?
    A3: Yes, and you just need to send us your drawings or artworks, then you can get you want.

    Q4: How can I release the payment to you?
    A4: We can receive your payment by T/T, ESCROW or Western union which is recommended and we can also receive by L/C, D/P, D/A. OA

    Q5: How do you check all the goods in the production line?
    A5: We have spot inspection and finished product inspection. We check the goods when they go into the next step production procedure


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